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Squamous Cell Cancer         

50ml for $32

Dose :- 5 drops x 2 day.

Squamous cell carcinoma is a cancer of the skin. Exposure to sunlight is one trigger-factor for this cancer and it is seen more commonly in white cats, and cats kept in hot sunny countries. The tumour commonly affects the nose or the ears and can initially look like a small scratch or wound that won't heal. Spread (metastasis) of these tumours is uncommon but local lymph nodes are sometimes affected.

Squamous Cell Cancer could therefore be seen as an end result of a systemic and prolonged assault on blood and the immune sytem in general which may never have appeared without late 20th century domestication practices.

I prepare a specific SCC Support mixture of concentrated extracts of: Bladderack, Comfrey, Rue, Hypericum, Nettle, Rosehips and Violet Leaves along with appropriate Bach Flower Remedies.

This mix is given in conjunction with my Super Antioxidant which is derived from the Maritime Pine and together they have the potential to slow down and reverse the development of SCC and bringing it into remission.

These tumors are typically squamous cell carcinomas. Results of studies undertaken into oral cancer in cats suggest that flea control products including flea collars, diet (reliance on tinned, processed foods), and perhaps environmental tobacco smoke might be associated with risk of oral SCC.

If any of these scenarios are pertinent to your cat, please remove any flea collar, reduce tinned food and increase raw mince and smoke outside.

I have an SCC program that assists in strengthening the immune system and supports the organs and body systems affected by the disease.

The program consists of :Maritime Pine Bark as well.

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